My First Facial Rash

Soooooo about a week ago or so i went out to a club obviously drank so so so so so so much the next day i was super hungover and i had to drive somewhere for 4 hours so i was like omg my stomach is in knots and i have to be in this car for 4 hours anout 2 hours into the ride we pulled over at a gas station and the second i got out of the car i saw the nearest trash can and i was blowing chunks like seriously. After throwing up i went to the restroom cleaned up a little whatever looked fine. About 2 hours later we make it to my grandmas house and i got to wash my face and remove last nights eyeliner and i flipped out into almost tears!. I had the worst rash ive ever seen all over my face under my eyes it was just a bunch of teeny tiny red dots alllllllllll over it was just bad. So basically im thinking i got the rash because i basically shoved my face in a trash can and that bacteria and grossness got me so quick but no regrets no regrets lol.That following monday my face looked a little better so i went to Ulta and visited the clinique counter i let them know what happen to me and they assured me it would go away soon(which it has now thank the heavens!) & recommended me 2 new skin care items. I have been loving the clarifying lotion so much it gives my skin a very fresh tingly clean feeling as well as the moisturizer ive been on both for about a week so ill update in about another week along with a new foundation im testing as well!DSCN0282

Skin problems.

Somebody tell me they strive for beautiful skin as much as I do? I’ve always hated my skin like just hated it simply because it’s incredibly dry like I’m talking the Sahara dry & I have such bad redness. Omg when I was little I’d literally cry cause my face was always red that’s besides the point but side note . I’ve tried so many different things to try to help my skin but geez man I feel like I can’t catch a break it’s just like awful awful awful. At one point about 2 weeks ago or so I thought I saw my skin Improving from using the OLEHENRIKSON Oil Control Toner I saw my small blemishes go away then about two days ago it seems it got worse again idk what it is cause I’ve been doing the same thing. I feel like skincare is so important but it’s soooooo hit or miss when it comes to products but it’s like I want that smooth look so bad I’m like what else can I try before I officially break my bank lmao.