Ahhh, the month of May


The month of may, jesus let it be a good one. I’ve come to realize as the months go on every single time i always ask for a better one than the last and for some reason idk why. like do you guys ever feel that you have a bad day after a bad day after a bad month like its crazy to me and i don’t know if it has to do with my job or just my life in general but things get really sucky. With that being said i have some things i wanna accomplish this month and probably every month from now on.


  • BLOG 4 times a week    
  • Test 3 new makeup products
  • Not suck at my job
  • get a pedicure, (yes sometimes i cant find a chance to get a pedicure)
  •  get a haircut
  • dye my hair ( okay maybe just every other month)
  • sleep at least 7 hours than 5

As little as my goals sound i feel like it could definitely work or at least help improve my weeks cause man it’s getting really rough, but its hard to be good at something you’re not really passionate about. I don’t wanna settle is basically what im saying, i could have a good job  but what good is it if im not good at it nor happy with it i don’t wanna live life like that you know? i  think life is just too short to be unhappy.

Laura Lee LA

I feel like soooooo many people will find some way to knit pick at beauty bloggers who do collabs with big brands or who even make there own line of makeup for the simple fact that they just don’t wanna admit that’s some good shit. For example easily Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collaboration she got so much shit so much hate everyone saying that it was basic it was wack blah blah and as they said that they knew they were lying. That palette is so so so so so good so good I reach for it every single time it never fails wether I’m looking for the right transition shade or the perfect inner corner highlight it’s a complete must have hands down for sure. People just tried to bring her down so hard man like stop being bitter if somethings good just say so cause you know it. Get me? With that being said people talk mad shit about Laura Lee as well but Laura is the first beauty guru I ever came across and I’ve absolutely adored her ever since I’m just a huge Laura Lee fan just looking at how she had her own collab with Violet Voss and now she has her own line like say what you want her palette cat pajamas was bomb . Com & I just love it and I’m so so so excited that I get home to my Nudie Patootie Palette OMGGGG. I just love it it’s beautiful and it looks so pretty next to her sister cats pajamas . Will update some review on it soon but I gotta give it a few tries first lol.

Can I get balance pls.

As I sit here on this toilet at work it literally stunned me that balance is so important . When you have so many things that matter and are sooooo important to you it’s hard to not neglect t one you know what I mean? I’m balancing my makeup love on one hand with like 2 jobs a relationship and my family on the other . I will never comprehend how people can do it like I admire any woman or man that has worked so hard to have that equal balance in there life cause it is not easy what so ever and don’t ever look fine on someone for not having it together IT GETS HELLA ROUGH. & now someone’s banging on the door so I should go back to work.

Skin problems.

Somebody tell me they strive for beautiful skin as much as I do? I’ve always hated my skin like just hated it simply because it’s incredibly dry like I’m talking the Sahara dry & I have such bad redness. Omg when I was little I’d literally cry cause my face was always red that’s besides the point but side note . I’ve tried so many different things to try to help my skin but geez man I feel like I can’t catch a break it’s just like awful awful awful. At one point about 2 weeks ago or so I thought I saw my skin Improving from using the OLEHENRIKSON Oil Control Toner I saw my small blemishes go away then about two days ago it seems it got worse again idk what it is cause I’ve been doing the same thing. I feel like skincare is so important but it’s soooooo hit or miss when it comes to products but it’s like I want that smooth look so bad I’m like what else can I try before I officially break my bank lmao.

The Eye Catcher

Alright alright gotta put it out there if you want to be an eye catcher and really grab peoples attention(mind you this won’t work for everyone if your more of a simple person) I have one option. Every single time I need a quick eyeshadow look that will look reallly cute super simple easy it’s flashy and it never ever fails the compliments I get on my eyeshadow . The Stila magnificent metals eyeshadow , GIRL THERE SOOOOOOO BOMB. I feel like they were super hyped at one point then it kind of died a little but they definitely didn’t die for me. You can throw any type of shades in your crease wether it’s one or two colors then just put the shadow on your lid and it really makes everything pop like your eyes will just be eye catchers no joke serious business. The shade range not to mention is awesome my go to is usually rose gold retro for sure. They do tend to possibly flake and fall out so glitter glue is a must at laeast for me . If your uncomfortable wearing glitter or you kind of feel like it’s just not for you that’s okay but I’d definitely suggest don’t knock it til you try it it does the trick every time!

This is where i start right?

i know this is where it starts but im not totally sure how to, lets just say its been a rough week. this is definitely a beauty blog hands down but i also gotta mix in a little real life cause i mean duh real life hits like a truck. Im not really here to tell stories, im no writer which im sure you can tell, but ive come to realize its important to make time for the things you love especially when it gets neglected. Im a dental assistant, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend, & a pizza maker life can get extremely overwhelming. A few years ago i found something that truly made me happy, that gave me a feeling of butterflies and made me realize how much fun life can be when you feel good and how fun it is to be creative and step out of a shell. I just kind of love makeup & pretty much all things beauty. My mom always raised me to not wear makeup and not straighten my curly ass hair i grew up wearing t shirts as my “new clothes for school” clothes, i wore sweaters and boy sneakers and everything opposite of most girls i was surrounded by, i just feel like im kind of an odd ball because i was so incredibly different from most girls. When i started to play with makeup i found something that just made me feel beautiful with or without it it had this weird way of just making me feel comfortable in my own skin even when i dont wear it idk how to explain it thats for sure. im excited to start on a blogging journey it time to free my mind of random thoughts of life and stop neglecting what i love most. Theres gonna be reviews, emotions, makeup, & plenty of things i wanna share just to share cause es my blog lol.IMG_5481