Opinion on Laura Lee Drama from a die hard Larlee

Im so sad & the thing is that I’m not even sad she made this mistake years ago but it breaks my heart that she was hiding. I personally felt like she was being extremely coward like and it’s just like pls Laura pls don’t be a coward. She threw so much shade at Jefferee and it’s like the hipocracy that’s being shown like damn man. if you knew that you had the same past or you’ve said things similar like you can’t just say shit then your being so hypocritical & then on top of it the way it was handled. Jeffrey made a mistake he got attacked for it his family was attacked for it his life was being attacked but he did not let it get him he admitted what he said he apologized he’s opened up he’s continued succeeding he didn’t let people judge him because he really knew deep down inside who he was, but on the other hand Laura was like woah I’m caught I’ll just lay low on social media and I’ll put out a semi apology like no girl no you should’ve stood up and said dude I effed up I’m sorry but things happen I can’t fix what was already said so I will choose to move forward but no she hid and she was being a coward. I love Laura Lee’s makeup so far it’s been great to me & nobody can deny that but don’t fake the funk when you mess up. Now, before you choose to attack me your opinion isn’t the same as my opinion therefore mine isn’t wrong and yours isn’t wrong. (:

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