Laura Lee LA Liquid Lipsticks

Well here we go again with another LLLA purchase. People I have bought the few items from Laura Lee’s line it may get redundant but hey I’m a huge fan I love her I loved meeting her I so far love love love the two palettes she’s came out with there fabulous fabulous so for the liquid lipsticks, yeah, big expectations. Laura continually said that her formula is inasane it’s awesome she wanted to get it just right & I personally have no doubt in them so we’ll see how they work on the lips. Just by seeing them esthetically there so pleasing to look at there so pretty and super sleek and just all around dog on cute lol. I gotta try them on the lips which I will soon after I give it a couple of test runs just cause I feel it’s the best way to tell but there gorgeous none the less and for me the trio was the best option because for my personal skin tone they literally all fit me so week which I live for! With that being said I’ll update soon💕

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