A somewhat dark kinda Smokey sorta vampy thing.

I’m not really sure what to call this look to be honest idk if it’s vampy idk if it’s just dark but it’s the easiest someky-ish somewhat eye I’ve ever done and honestly a favorite because this had me step out of my comfort zone so much. As far as blending I just keep the lightest hand ever when buffing the shades and blending out my edges I learned that it really is the best method. when I would put even a little pressure I was like um this isn’t blending as well as I would like haha. I’ll list the shades I used down below(: All the shades are in order & all from the Jaclyn Hill Palette ❤️

In the crease :

  • Silk creme
  • Pukey
  • Butter
  • Creamsicle

On the outter corner:

  • Chip
  • Central Park

On the Lid:

  • Soda Pop

It really was so easy the only thing is being patient because it’s really important to slowly build color. I think I just took this picture right when I was done but I just repeated the same thing on the lower lash line and put enlight on my brow bone and of course mascara & so forth.

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