The Eye Catcher

Alright alright gotta put it out there if you want to be an eye catcher and really grab peoples attention(mind you this won’t work for everyone if your more of a simple person) I have one option. Every single time I need a quick eyeshadow look that will look reallly cute super simple easy it’s flashy and it never ever fails the compliments I get on my eyeshadow . The Stila magnificent metals eyeshadow , GIRL THERE SOOOOOOO BOMB. I feel like they were super hyped at one point then it kind of died a little but they definitely didn’t die for me. You can throw any type of shades in your crease wether it’s one or two colors then just put the shadow on your lid and it really makes everything pop like your eyes will just be eye catchers no joke serious business. The shade range not to mention is awesome my go to is usually rose gold retro for sure. They do tend to possibly flake and fall out so glitter glue is a must at laeast for me . If your uncomfortable wearing glitter or you kind of feel like it’s just not for you that’s okay but I’d definitely suggest don’t knock it til you try it it does the trick every time!


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