Skin problems.

Somebody tell me they strive for beautiful skin as much as I do? I’ve always hated my skin like just hated it simply because it’s incredibly dry like I’m talking the Sahara dry & I have such bad redness. Omg when I was little I’d literally cry cause my face was always red that’s besides the point but side note . I’ve tried so many different things to try to help my skin but geez man I feel like I can’t catch a break it’s just like awful awful awful. At one point about 2 weeks ago or so I thought I saw my skin Improving from using the OLEHENRIKSON Oil Control Toner I saw my small blemishes go away then about two days ago it seems it got worse again idk what it is cause I’ve been doing the same thing. I feel like skincare is so important but it’s soooooo hit or miss when it comes to products but it’s like I want that smooth look so bad I’m like what else can I try before I officially break my bank lmao.


3 thoughts on “Skin problems.

  1. Pure Shea butter and coconut oil mixed together is good.

    I bath im oats sometimes thats good for the skin.

    Natural products (check online) pretty pricey but if it works for your skin its super worth it ♡

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