This is where i start right?

i know this is where it starts but im not totally sure how to, lets just say its been a rough week. this is definitely a beauty blog hands down but i also gotta mix in a little real life cause i mean duh real life hits like a truck. Im not really here to tell stories, im no writer which im sure you can tell, but ive come to realize its important to make time for the things you love especially when it gets neglected. Im a dental assistant, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend, & a pizza maker life can get extremely overwhelming. A few years ago i found something that truly made me happy, that gave me a feeling of butterflies and made me realize how much fun life can be when you feel good and how fun it is to be creative and step out of a shell. I just kind of love makeup & pretty much all things beauty. My mom always raised me to not wear makeup and not straighten my curly ass hair i grew up wearing t shirts as my “new clothes for school” clothes, i wore sweaters and boy sneakers and everything opposite of most girls i was surrounded by, i just feel like im kind of an odd ball because i was so incredibly different from most girls. When i started to play with makeup i found something that just made me feel beautiful with or without it it had this weird way of just making me feel comfortable in my own skin even when i dont wear it idk how to explain it thats for sure. im excited to start on a blogging journey it time to free my mind of random thoughts of life and stop neglecting what i love most. Theres gonna be reviews, emotions, makeup, & plenty of things i wanna share just to share cause es my blog lol.IMG_5481

Let’s chat wedding Makeup!!!

Alright guys my brother is getting married and I need to know okay Shower me in your thoughts and opinions what do you think is unbreakable and long lasting what’s your favorite powder, foundation, concealer, blushes everything I have to know suggestions cause my face has to stay intact at last minimal 8 hours!

Opinion on Laura Lee Drama from a die hard Larlee

Im so sad & the thing is that I’m not even sad she made this mistake years ago but it breaks my heart that she was hiding. I personally felt like she was being extremely coward like and it’s just like pls Laura pls don’t be a coward. She threw so much shade at Jefferee and it’s like the hipocracy that’s being shown like damn man. if you knew that you had the same past or you’ve said things similar like you can’t just say shit then your being so hypocritical & then on top of it the way it was handled. Jeffrey made a mistake he got attacked for it his family was attacked for it his life was being attacked but he did not let it get him he admitted what he said he apologized he’s opened up he’s continued succeeding he didn’t let people judge him because he really knew deep down inside who he was, but on the other hand Laura was like woah I’m caught I’ll just lay low on social media and I’ll put out a semi apology like no girl no you should’ve stood up and said dude I effed up I’m sorry but things happen I can’t fix what was already said so I will choose to move forward but no she hid and she was being a coward. I love Laura Lee’s makeup so far it’s been great to me & nobody can deny that but don’t fake the funk when you mess up. Now, before you choose to attack me your opinion isn’t the same as my opinion therefore mine isn’t wrong and yours isn’t wrong. (:

Laura Lee LA Liquid Lipsticks

Well here we go again with another LLLA purchase. People I have bought the few items from Laura Lee’s line it may get redundant but hey I’m a huge fan I love her I loved meeting her I so far love love love the two palettes she’s came out with there fabulous fabulous so for the liquid lipsticks, yeah, big expectations. Laura continually said that her formula is inasane it’s awesome she wanted to get it just right & I personally have no doubt in them so we’ll see how they work on the lips. Just by seeing them esthetically there so pleasing to look at there so pretty and super sleek and just all around dog on cute lol. I gotta try them on the lips which I will soon after I give it a couple of test runs just cause I feel it’s the best way to tell but there gorgeous none the less and for me the trio was the best option because for my personal skin tone they literally all fit me so week which I live for! With that being said I’ll update soonđź’•

Current Fav. Thx CaseyHolmes!

IMG_5888Im sure everyones heard about this drink but i just wana put it out there thanks to casey holmes for mentioning this on one of her vlogs omg its the best! This is quite sweet so just be mindful I got a venti water on the side because every time i drink something sweet im like ugh need water wheres the water lol. Its a Strawberry Acai with lemonade instead of water but still get a water on the side lmao

My First Facial Rash

Soooooo about a week ago or so i went out to a club obviously drank so so so so so so much the next day i was super hungover and i had to drive somewhere for 4 hours so i was like omg my stomach is in knots and i have to be in this car for 4 hours anout 2 hours into the ride we pulled over at a gas station and the second i got out of the car i saw the nearest trash can and i was blowing chunks like seriously. After throwing up i went to the restroom cleaned up a little whatever looked fine. About 2 hours later we make it to my grandmas house and i got to wash my face and remove last nights eyeliner and i flipped out into almost tears!. I had the worst rash ive ever seen all over my face under my eyes it was just a bunch of teeny tiny red dots alllllllllll over it was just bad. So basically im thinking i got the rash because i basically shoved my face in a trash can and that bacteria and grossness got me so quick but no regrets no regrets lol.That following monday my face looked a little better so i went to Ulta and visited the clinique counter i let them know what happen to me and they assured me it would go away soon(which it has now thank the heavens!) & recommended me 2 new skin care items. I have been loving the clarifying lotion so much it gives my skin a very fresh tingly clean feeling as well as the moisturizer ive been on both for about a week so ill update in about another week along with a new foundation im testing as well!DSCN0282


DSCN0280I just loooooove it. i love it sooooo  much its beautiful its stunning i love the color scheme and its for sure a neutrals palette. I think if you feel as if you can live without it and its something just neutral and doesn’t catch the eye its understandable because it is very simple. Me personally i can see myself using this all the time for sure its up my ally. They blend extremely beautifully which i love they so easily kinda mesh into one another. Favorite shades hands down are jaybird, butt naked, & stark. Mind that it really is beginner friendly you can build up the shades as much as you’d like which is great all in all its a 10/10. Great Job to Laura! I’m a super proud fan .

A somewhat dark kinda Smokey sorta vampy thing.

I’m not really sure what to call this look to be honest idk if it’s vampy idk if it’s just dark but it’s the easiest someky-ish somewhat eye I’ve ever done and honestly a favorite because this had me step out of my comfort zone so much. As far as blending I just keep the lightest hand ever when buffing the shades and blending out my edges I learned that it really is the best method. when I would put even a little pressure I was like um this isn’t blending as well as I would like haha. I’ll list the shades I used down below(: All the shades are in order & all from the Jaclyn Hill Palette ❤️

In the crease :

  • Silk creme
  • Pukey
  • Butter
  • Creamsicle

On the outter corner:

  • Chip
  • Central Park

On the Lid:

  • Soda Pop

It really was so easy the only thing is being patient because it’s really important to slowly build color. I think I just took this picture right when I was done but I just repeated the same thing on the lower lash line and put enlight on my brow bone and of course mascara & so forth.